• Organize EUNWA members meetings
  • Promote EUNWA and its members purposes through media
  • Collect and disseminate “best practices”
  • Share news on crimes and criminals
  • Spread crime prevention culture
  • Facilitate cross-learning/support
  • Extend our membership
  • Establish partnership with international organizations, scientific institutions, business community and public

EUNWA Objectives

  • Communication center for the exchange of information and experiences of members
  • Information about the specific criminal dangers and crime prevention in their respective countries
  • Cooperation with the police and other authorities in their respective countries and on an international level;
  • Periodic summarization of such information in an international documentation and dissemination on a national and international level;
  • Establishing and maintaining close contacts with the competent authorities in order to optimize crime protection of their members;
  • Supporting the establishment of relevant initiatives and associations in countries where no neighbourhood watch organizations exist;
  • common development of ethical, organizational and technical standards for the member organizations’ activities in compliance with national laws and the UN Charta of Human Rights;
  • Cooperating with the European Union, the United Nations and other national and international organizations for the purpose of establishing uniformly high standards of crime prevention.

R&D Activities – Areas of Interest

EUNWA is actively participating in various research projects, especially to those which are dealing with thematic areas of its interest.

  • Crime Prevention
  • Community Policing – Neighborhood Watch
  • Community Engagement – Collaboration
  • Crime Reporting- Citizen’s Awareness
  • Protection of Public Spaces/Events
  • Enhancing the feeling of Security at Local – Regional and National level
  • Strengthening Communities – Building Trust
  • Ethical, Legal and Societal challenges related to the above areas

EUNWA is focusing also in assisting and supporting Technology providers to the design and development of new technologies and innovations at the previous mentioned areas.

To this sense it is providing – through its broad network:

  • End user Requirements
  • Functional and Non- Functional Specifications
  • Assessment Methodologies and Protocols for relevant tools and applications
  • Its network infrastructure for testing and validating these technological achievements

EUNWA Vision

  • To enlarge its network across EU and to create synergies with other relevant Associations Globally
  • To actively participate to the Policy Dialogue occurring at EU level through its participation at EUCPN’s , CoU’s and other relative initiatives and events  - also at National level
  • To support the development of tools and applications assisting its members achieving their goals
  • To act as “Technology Watch” and promote and disseminate to its members lessons learned and best practices.