European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA)




EUNWA’s purpose is to act as umbrella organization for neighbourhood watch associations and similar organizations in various European countries pursuing the prevention of crimes through cooperation among their members and with the police and other relevant local institutions and authorities.

In order to achieve its purpose, EUNWA intends to

  • organize regular meetings of its members;
  • collect information and disseminate electronic newsletters about crime prevention matters, developments, experiences, activities, new crimes and criminal methods;
  • collect information about neighbourhood watch and crime prevention activities of its members, summarize such information in a “White Book” and disseminate it among its members and to national and international organizations and authorities, updating it regularly;
  • exchange information about “best practices” of crime prevention;
  • facilitate members’ learning from each other by sharing know-how, operational tools and methods, and experiences, thus improving their own crime prevention efforts;
  • extend its membership to as many European countries and organizations as possible;
  • assist, within the limits of its financial and organizational possibilities, with the formation and organization of other potential member organizations;
  • establish and maintain relations with relevant national and international organizations, scientific institutions, the business community and the public;
  • communicate with national and international media promoting EUNWA’s and its members’ purposes.



2.1 Legal Structure

EUNWA is an Austrian non-profit association (“Verein”) domiciled in Vienna.
Address: Friedenszeile 36, 1130 Vienna.

2.2 Membership

EUNWA has two categories of members:

  • Administrative members performing legal functions as required by Austrian association law;
  • Partnership members in whose interest EUNWA is established as European umbrella organization.

Partnership members can be:

  • Neighbourhood watch associations, organizations or initiatives operating in their countries on a local or national level;
  • Associations, organizations or authorities not established as neighbourhood watch organizations but pursuing the purpose of crime prevention and cooperating with neighbourhood watch organizations in their countries;
  • National or international organizations, authorities, government agencies, NGOs, scientific institutions or business associations pursuing related interests and wishing to promote the activities of EUNWA and its other members.
  • Individual persons interested in this subject.

In order to become a registered partnership member of EUNWA, an eligible organization must

  • identify itself;
  • file a written application for membership;
  • sign a statement affirming its adherence to these Fundamental Guidelines.
  • payment of the membership fee




EUNWA’s operations are managed by the Secretary whose tasks are:

  • maintaining contacts with members;
  • communicating with existing and prospective members;
  • collecting information from members and summarizing and disseminating it by electronic newsletters among members and other recipients on a regular basis;
  • collecting information to be included in the “White Book” and its updating issues and disseminating the “White Book” among members and other recipients;
  • organizing the annual membership meetings and any other events as deemed necessary;
  • communicating with members and other relevant national and international organizations, authorities, government agencies, NGOs, scientific institutions and business associations;
  • representing EUNWA at meetings, conferences and other events as deemed necessary;
  • communicating with the media;
  • generally, performing all necessary activities as described in this document.

 The Secretary can be domiciled in Vienna or in any other European city.

It must be stressed that the above secretarial tasks can only be performed if, at the beginning of each fiscal year, sufficient funds are available.


The annual members’ meetings can be held in Vienna or in any other European city. Members are not required but encouraged to participate in these meetings which serve the purpose of establishing and deepening personal acquaintance and understanding among members, exchanging information and experiences, and learning from each other. The annual meetings and the networking opportunities they provide are intended to represent major vehicles of international cooperation among members.


It is EUNWA’s long-term goal to extend its range to as many European countries as possible in order to represent a wide spectrum of relevant organizations and to be recognized as major player in national and international crime prevention.

For this purpose, members are encouraged to support, to the extent possible, EUNWA’s efforts to reach out to all relevant potential member organizations.


EUNWA will collect information about existing best practices in crime prevention and will disseminate it among its members encouraging them to adapt their procedures to the extent possible. In doing so, EUNWA will cooperate with all relevant organizations such as the police, other authorities, scientific institutions and the business community.


EUNWA will establish and maintain a website for the purpose of disseminating information about its purposes and activities and, generally, facilitating communication among members and with the rest of the world. The website will be segregated into a public section and a password-protected members’ area.



EUNWA will try to obtain funds for financing its activities from the following sources:

  • Grants from public institutions, organizations, national and international authorities, EU and United Nations agencies and any other public funds available;
  • Grants and donations from companies active in the field of security products or services;
  • Donations from other sources like private donors, foundations etc.;
  • Sale of publications like the “White Book” and others;
  • Membership fees.

An annual budget forecast will be prepared, current activities will be scheduled within the available financial means following the principle of thrift and expediency.

Any donations or other sources of funds must meet the requirements outlined in EUNWA’s ethical standards (see below).


Members declare to adhere to the following rules of conduct:

  • Compliance with national laws;
  • Compliance with international laws and the UN/EU Charta of Human Rights;
  • Compliance with the principles of non-violence, data protection, open dialogue with minorities, non-discrimination etc., including the renunciation of
  • violence,
  • the use of arms,
  • hate crime,
  • prejudice against groups,
  • ethnic profiling,
  • targeting minorities, social strata, asylum-seekers, migrants or persons with migratory background, ex-convicts, jobless or homeless persons etc.;
  • Cooperation, to the extent possible and desired, with local police and other authorities in the prevention of crimes;
  • Cooperation, to the extent possible and desired, with other charitable organizations;
  • Cooperation within EUNWA (exchange of information; cooperation with other members in the same country; reporting developments of criminal methods and new types of crime; exchanging experiences; equal treatment of members).
  • Member organizations must not engage in political activities either on a national or international level.

Members found to violate these rules persistently will be excluded.