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      Leonardo Campanale

      Since 2014 EUNWA has played a key role in bringing together and making known the different realities of NW in Europe. It’s now time to take a step forward for further development in our project. The creation of this forum is an invitation to all of our members, partners and friends to share their expectations, doubts and ideas on how to further develop our network. Don’t be shy!

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      Wendy Breakwell

      I am a mature third-year student at the University of Leeds, UK and my dissertation is about Neighbourhood Watch schemes and why there has been a decrease in membership over the past 15 years (in the UK). I will be exploring whether the use of social media instead of face-to-face meetings is the way forward as people are so much busier nowadays but use social media every day. The community spirit of past years is also not present and people are much more fearful of others who live around them, especially where an area is perceived as having a high crime rate.

      I would welcome any comments or literature or thoughts on this subject that would be of help in my dissertation.

      Thanking you in anticipation.

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      Hi, Wendy, we are sorry for our very, very late reply!

      We know that this is a UK trend and therefore we recommend that you contact them directly.


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