Annual Forum of the largest project implemented in the Republic of Moldova with the involvement of society and the police.

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On February 14, 2019 the General Police Inspectorate of Moldova organized, for the fifth consecutive year, a forum to present the results obtained under the "Neighborhood Surveillance" project at the Ministry of Labor in Chisinau.

Police in Moldova
Annual Forum of the largest project implemented in the Republic of Moldova with the involvement of society and the police.

The event was attended by the General Police Inspectorate, representatives of the local public administration, police officers, citizens from all the districts of the country, leaders of the neighboring surveillance sectors, and the president of the European Neighborhood Surveillance Association based in Vienna, Austria (EUNWA European Neighborhood Watch Association), Karl L. Brunnbauer.

The "Neighborhood Surveillance" program has managed to form a team of over 40,000 volunteers and is based on the concept - the best policeman is your neighbor. In other words, residents of one locality take care of one another's security by getting involved and informing police when necessary (if there is any doubt about the community they live in).

In his speech, the head of the General Police Inspectorate, Alexandru Pînzari, noted the achievements of the implementation of the Neighborhood Surveillance project, mentioning its importance for the community.

" I thank all those involved in the project for the development of the police-community partnership that brings today results not only in figures but also effective and trust-based communication and communication between members of the community and the police, increasing safety, jointly solving the antisocial facts that the community is worried about, discouraging criminal behavior , which motivates us to engage as much and extensively as possible in promoting it. Thus, I encourage every member of the community not to tolerate the illegal deeds, but to call the Police, so that we can intervene concretely on the issues and focus our activity on the needs and concerns of the citizens, " said Alexandru Pînzari.

Within the Forum, the retrospective of 2018, as well as the prospects for the development of the Neighborhood Surveillance sectors, to strengthen efforts to prevent crime in rural areas, to ensure and maintain public order and security, and to develop cooperative relations between the police, the local public administration and civil society in order to create a comfortable living environment in the community.

In this respect, the Deputy Head of PGI, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, who is also the author of the "Neighborhood Surveillance" project, in his speech, referred to the importance of this project format for the benefit of both citizens and policemen.

  " Involvement and attitude on both sides will bring more security to citizens, more confidence in people with epaulettes. During the previous year, with the help of its active members, 88 offenses, 346 contraventions, were prevented and discovered. So,   the project   is successful and the results achieved exceeded all expectations. At the same time, for the successful implementation of the nominated project, we succeeded in institutionalizing the program as a police mechanism, but also in developing several policies in this respect, including the Citizens' the benefits of the "Neighborhood Surveillance" project, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc said.

Also in the Forum   a tripartite collaboration agreement has been signed to strengthen the international dialogue with members of the great European family of the Neighborhood Surveillance Program, with the signatory parties being the Police General Inspectorate, the AO "Eco-Razeni" and the European Neighborhood Watch Association.

In this context, the guest of honor of the event,   Austrian Karl Brunnbauer, President of the European Association for Neighborhood Surveillance in Austria, said, " I am   honored to support   presentation here. I congratulate you for your success. One important thing I want to mention is that you are the eyes and ears that work for the police and the voice that the police hear. "

The previous year was launched at the national level the contest of the best participants in the program, which contributes as members, leaders, policemen or mayors in the development and extension of neighborhood surveillance. Thus, at the end of the Forum, Titles of Honor,   Diplomas of Excellence for Active Contribution in Establishing Collaborative Relationships between the Police, Local Public Administration and Civil Society. Also, the most active sector leaders, police and mayors were mentioned, for the contribution made to the implementation of crime prevention programs in rural localities.

Please note, the "Surveillance of Life" project was implemented in 2013 at the initiative of a group of students from the "Eco-Razeni" Association. Today the project counts a total of 3876 neighborhood surveillance sectors on whose territory 40347 active members are responsible for public order.

Further, the police urges citizens to be active and to communicate with confidence any suspicious activity or dangerous situation that concerns them and neighbors, including the community in which they live.

For a safe society it is important not to be indifferent, but to be actively involved as an example to others!

February 15, 2019

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