With pleasure we announce the appointment of two new executive committee members for the EUNWA.

Dr. George Leventakis; Nationality: Hellenic

Since 2015 Mr. Leventakis has substantially contributed to the further development of the EUNWA and now we are proud that he has accepted to take up the position as Vice-President -Policy and Innovation Advisor. He will provide support to EUNWA in the areas of scientific innovation and policy in order to expand our community based on a well-defined duty.

Mr. Leventakis has a very impressive Curriculum Vitae and is a world-renowned expert for Safety and Security in Europe.

Dr. Leonardo Campanale; Nationality: Italian


We are also delighted that Dr. Leonardo Campanale accepted the role of Vice-President of the EUNWA. Leo is the former President of the Italian “ACdV” and is now, since 2018, the co-founder and President of the ANCDV (“Associazione Nazionale Controllo di Vicinato”), which is an umbrella association for Italian NHW groups.


The new formation and structure of EUNWA’s steering board is as follows:

Karl L. Brunnbauer (CEO & President) AT
Daniela Sisa (Vice-President) AT
Leonardo Campanale (Vice-President) IT
George Leventakis(Vice-President - Policy and innovation Advisor) GR

and Günter Halvax (Austria), Co-founder. Although resigned, he is still available to give assistance.

We are convinced that with this new composition we have taken another step towards a positive further development of the EUNWA.

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