INWA President Mr. Dr. Francesco Caccetta

Starting from Theft Prevention Project to INWA, passing through Neighborhood Watch Association.
In 2006, the criminologist Francesco Caccetta, thanks to his personal intuition and great experience due to his membership to Security Forces, created one project to defence citizens from thefts and dishonesty.

This plan took the name of “ Theft prevention project “ reflecting the style of Americans Neighborhood and consist of having specialized meetings with citizens of each neighborhood. The purpose is instruct them to the necessity of dialogue between each other to avoid vulnerability, reporting every suspect situation to Security Forces in order to contrast thief actions.

Citizens were satisfied of this project thanks to a massive participation to meetings and first results were easily visible. The criminologist Caccetta, already in possess of degree in Science for investigation and security, during lasts years continued to increase his studies on this subject, attending one Master in Philosophical and Forensic Anthropology, Criminology and Advanced Investigation Techniques at Pontifical University of San Bonaventura in Rome and specializations course in Urban Security and Street Crime Investigation at International Crime Analysis Association and later at Center of Legality, Security and Justice held by the criminologist Marco Strano, great friend and associate. In 2013 took a Degree in “Social Research for Internal and External Security”. From 2013 to 2018, Francesco Caccetta strongly contributes to realize this project, then became famous especially inside Prefectures, Village Administrations and inside Security Forces, called Neighborhood Watch.

The criminologist Francesco Caccetta, due to his membership in Security forces for over 35 years, has been invited by Ministry of Interior from Minister Marco Minniti to compare this project and verifies the possibility to develop it in Italy. On that occasion, accompanied by Marco Strano and Franco Pinardi, was able to obtain the Internal Minister promise to support and advice the Memorandums of understanding with Prefectures about Neighborhood Watch.
During first months of 2018 all Prefectures received written instruction signed by Minister Marco Minniti to promote citizens spontaneous aggregation through memorandums of understanding with single Village about Neighborhood Watch. With the purpose to increase the existent project with studies and researches on this field, Francesco Caccetta formed a team of expert in security sector. The criminologist Marco Strano, the sociologist Mirella Seccafieno, the doctor in Strategic Scienze Riccardo Luzzi and the sociologist Chiara Caccetta to create the association INWA - Italian Neighbourhood Watch Association - on 30 March 2018.

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