Invitation to write papers for an International conference for academic researchers, Head of Police at all levels, National and Local Politicians, Crime Prevention Representatives, Business Planners, Intelligence Services, Analysts, County Governors, Socially Active, etc. in Community Policing to present a paper in order to spread inspiration, exchange ideas and increase the knowledge of safety-creating work. The Event is planned to be hold in Stockholm Sweden 11th – 12st of April 2018. The date will be confirmed 2th of February.

In recent years, The European societies has undergone major changes that have meant that crime, safety and security have become some of the most important political issues. The background is new challenges in the form of a wider and more organized crime, including gang crime, violent extremism, terrorism and a significant insecurity in many European residential areas. Media is also increasingly focusing on these areas, and the political debate largely affects these.

The European communities has also been working on preventive activities for many years and has shot a large number of tax credits for this. What led to good results is largely hidden in obscurity. Defining, operationalizing and measuring safety and security has now become a necessary prerequisite for planning and monitoring if the local safety-creating work gives results. Today, a large number of different studies in the subject area exist, with more or less relevant research support. Everything from overall large academic surveys to local "homemade" surveys.

The explanation models are then many and complex, and can include, for example, psychological factors, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, victimization, vulnerability, lifestyle, unemployment, poverty / social class, housing, marital status, parents talk of caution, darkness, patriarchal society, globalization and uncertainty in today's world, the media and the politicaldebate.

Major safety surveys and other research have been launched in Europe by authorities, municipalities and universities over the past ten years, but few institutions have major impacts over the whole Europe guiding operational safety work.

The Group of experienced Police employees invites to a conference on how municipalities and the Police can use measurements and other research to plan and follow up the practical work as well as answer questions like; is safety and security really measurable? Why is it important to measure? How should it be done best? How is it actually done? What experiences do we have?

The Conference is an event organised on non-profit basis, based on personal interest, the possibility to exchange ideas with other high-qualified people in the area, and every participant is expected to present a case in plenum and pay their own costs. The Fee for the conference is minimised to 80 Euro per participant for the sharing the costs for organising.

We hereby invite academic researchers, politicians, police officers, municipality officers, NGO members and others from above- mentioned disciplines to submit abstracts in relevant cases. The Abstracts, should not exceed one A4-page. The Abstracts should be delivered at the latest 1th of February 2018 to email: The programme will then be as soon as possible confirmed and formal registration instructions distributed.

The Abstracts would be approved by an experienced committee consisting of the following highly qualified members:

  • Bengt Svenson, Former National Police Commissioner 2007-2014, Swedish Police Service
  • Aleksander Krebl, International Police Advisor, Slovenia
  • Peter Lindström, PhD in Criminology, Stockholm County Police, Sweden
  • Per Svartz, Former Police County Commissioner, Sweden
  • Kjell Elefalk, Former Development Director, Sweden

Questions answered by;

Mr. Kjell Elefalk, CEO, senior partner, B.SC, M.SC
International Management -and Police Consultant
Ret. Development Director, Swedish National Police Board
Ret. Senior Advisor Swedish Police Service
Mobile:+46 (0)70 6964162, Sweden

Mr. Aleksander Krebl, Council of Europe Consultant, MSc

in Police Leadership and Management

Team Leader in most comprehensive police reform EU IPA funded project

in Macedonia “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service”


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