Kevin by mitipi: the new kind of burglary prevention

mitipi is a Swiss startup working on a hardware device to secure your home: “Kevin”. Kevin is the first device capable of simulating the movement of people in a room.  

A broken down door, ransacked drawers, a huge mess: if you come home and realize that you were burgled, this can lead to a lot of stress. At times, the amount of stress and emotional trauma felt by burglary victims lingers long after the incident.

Burglar alarms and cameras only react when a burglary is actually attempted. The attempt alone however, already impacts the victims. Mitipi wants to deter burglars, before your home even becomes a target. mitipi works with presence simulation, because burglars fear running into habitants the most.

Kevin’s presence is simulated with lights and acoustics, whether he’s playing music, watching TV, or cooking. He has a variable daily routine and if you look from outside, you would think that someone is at home. Kevin can be personalized and controlled remotely.

The team of four will be in Las Vegas from 9 - 12 January to present Kevin at CES (Consumer Electronic Show). In Q1, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched, where Kevin can be ordered exclusively for early bird prices. The campaign will be live for 30 days. Sign up for the newsletter to know when the Kickstarter campaign will be launched: //!/subscribe

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