The European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA) is a fully self-financed non-profit organisation under Austrian law, established in June 2014.


EUNWA's purpose is to act as umbrella organization for neighbourhood watch associations and similar organizations in various European countries pursuing the prevention of crimes through cooperation among their members and with the police and other relevant local institutions and authorities.

  • We organize regular meetings of members;
  • We collect information and disseminate electronic newsletters about crime prevention matters, developments, experiences, activities, new crimes and criminal methods;
  • We collect information about neighbourhood watch and crime prevention activities of members, summarize such information in a "White Book of European Neighbourhood Watch” and “EUNWA - Survey Police – Neighbourhood Watch – Community Policing”.
  • We disseminate it among members and to national and international organizations and authorities, updating it regularly;
  • We exchange information about "best practices" of crime prevention;
  • We facilitate members' learning from each other by sharing know-how, operational tools and methods, and experiences, thus improving their own crime prevention efforts;
  • We extend our membership to as many European and other countries and organizations as possible;
  • We assist, within the limits of our financial and organizational possibilities, with the formation and organization of other potential member organizations;
  • We establish and maintain relations with relevant national and international organizations, scientific institutions, the business community and the public;
  • We communicate with national and international media promoting EUNWA's and our members' purposes.

Remark: The "White book" and the "EUNWA - Survey Police – Neighbourhood Watch – Community Policing" is available for paying members or on request against an adequate payment.

These documents were written on a voluntary basis and without any financial support from the EU or any other organization. Therefore, the use or publication of any part of this document requires the written authorization of the European Neighbourhood Watch Association.

EUNWA’s Crime Prevention Network

Percentage of our members by group.

Member group definitions

Due to the diversified nature of organizations represented in EUNWA’s network, it was necessary to categorize them in order to obtain a good understanding of the scope of their activities. You'll love our work. Check it out!



EUNWA performs various activities all targeting advances in the area of community policing bridging the areas of all involved stakeholders

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