Become an EUNWA member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of EUNWA (send your inquiry to head-office[at]

EUNWA is an Austrian fully self-financed non-profit association ("Verein") under the Austrian law, domiciled in Vienna, which has been founded in 2014.

EUNWA's purpose is to act as umbrella organization for neighbourhood watch associations and similar organizations in various European countries pursuing the prevention of crimes through cooperation among their members and with the police and other relevant local institutions and authorities.

Potential members should be:

  • Neighbourhood watch associations, organizations or initiatives operating in their countries on a local or national level;
  • Associations, organizations or authorities not established as neighbourhood watch organizations but pursuing the purpose of crime prevention and cooperating with neighbourhood watch organizations in their countries;
  • National or international organizations, authorities, government agencies, NGOs, scientific institutions or business associations pursuing related interests and wishing to promote the activities of EUNWA and its other members.