Founding Conference, October 23 - 24, 2014, in Vienna

With crime rates in Europe being high, personal security and protection of personal property issues are moving into the focus of citizens across the European Union. Whilst the Police is doing an incredibly good job to resolve crimes and to prevent the spreading out of organized crime, the citizens of Europe are complementing police efforts by establishing Neighbourhood Watch organisations.

proNACHBAR, the first Austrian neighbourhood watch organisation, founded in 2007, has set up links with other European neighbourhood watch organisations and has initiated the foundation of the European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA).

EUNWA's purpose is to act as umbrella organization for neighbourhood watch associations and similar organisations in various European countries pursuing the prevention of crimes through cooperation among their members and with the police and other relevant local institutions and authorities.

EUNWA is now officially established. THANK YOU!

We would like to invite others organizations to join this European neighbourhood watch association.


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